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Video Watermark Pro allows you to embed text, image, logo, sign (include animated) to your video in batch mode
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1 November 2013

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With the rise of popular video sharing portals such YouTube etc., it has become almost sort of a trend for many all over the world to record amateur videos of various styles, including music videos, sitcoms, mimicry of popular celebs and what not! There are virtually all kinds of videos floating out there in the world of Internet - all thanks to the video enthusiast population like you and me. However, have you ever wondered what if somebody tries to strip you off from any credit you might bag from an awesome video you just uploaded on the Web? Well that is pretty much possible considering the abundant availability of YouTube video downloading tools and services on the Web. Anyone can download one of your videos and repost it as one of his or her own. Thankfully there are some really handy software that can get you rid of such nasty situations - Video Watermark Pro 2.0 being one of them.

Blessed with a pretty attractive user interface - Video Watermark Pro 2.0 brings you the perfect platform to you to prevent stealth or unauthorized usage of your own created videos. It is an easy-to-use software with a dedicated help section that can guide you to get started quite easily. The software allows you to add images, text, logos, or even regular to animated signs to annotate your videos. The entire process does not take more than a few minutes to complete - and can be done away with just a few clicks of the mouse. And considering it brings you a handful of professional quality features at a pretty decent price, it has been deemed as one of the best-of-its-class products in the market.

All in all, Video Watermark Pro 2.0 is a product that you won’t mind spending your money on for all the wonderful features it brings along. Hence it gets a score of four rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

Video Watermark Pro focuses on protecting and annotating your video file.
Did you worried your video will be unauthorized using and sharing, When people watching your video, do you want to let viewers know the video's source? You may need to add identity and ownership information to your video, ensure that viewers know the source.
Video Watermark Pro can help you to do that.
Video Watermark allows you to embed text, image, logo, sign (include animated) to your video in batch mode. Video Watermark have simple operation and friendly interface, so the process of Watermarking becomes very easy, you can finish it with few clicks, it is an excellent solution to protect and annotate your video.
Video Watermark Pro
Video Watermark Pro
Version 5.0
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I have bought the software with $34.90, I real like the software beautiful interface and interesting setting ...
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